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With his dry, deadpan delivery, Iranian born comedian Yashar Kafi examines American culture with sarcasm and irony, translating stereotypes into punchlines and bringing audiences to their knees. Yashar's cantankerous personae bears a close 

resemblance to an Iranian Craig Ferguson meets DeNiro in Taxi Driver.  Just 2 years after beginning standup, Yashar advanced to the semi-finals in KTLA's Find Me a Comic competition, beating out hundreds of seasoned competitors.  In 2016, Yashar placed 2nd in LA's Funniest Comic contest in the Headliner category.  A man of many talents, Yashar has starred in over 100 student films and is a Black Belt in karate.  You can find Yashar sharing his love of Chuck Norris on his Instagram page or on the streets of Pasadena, feeding local stray cats.  

"Yashar is a hella tight comic"


"He's a mesmerizing performer who gets on a flying carpet, doing nunchucks in the middle of his act"

New York Critique

"He reminds you of a rare specie that's about to get extinct ie an exotic lion but with jokes and moves. Don't miss out on this EYERANIAN tiger"

The Lol Blog